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So what is a blog without the occasional highly biased, under-researched, opinionated article? I’ll tell you what it is… boring. I have encountered quite a bit of speculation recently about MMA’s increasing acceptance into mainstream America and subsequent future. I could see a few possibilities.
Traveling to Europe, specifically the Netherlands, I saw what happens when you take up a sport that doesn’t seem to convince the mainstream that it is worthy of their time. Kickboxing in the Netherlands has a large following, and they produce a plethora of high level strikers. Yet, for a country that produces one of the highest percentages of world class fighters, it is not recognized nationally. Rather it is almost whispered about. Being a fighter can carry a bit of a stigma, as the masses make assumptions of a criminal disposition. So you have a sport that is at a high level, with a competitive people, and popular, but just under the surface of breaking out. The result is a wide variety of fight shows and promotions, multitudes of schools in every town (that are all good), underpaid fighters,


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    1. Ben T says:

      March 4th, 2009at 5:14 pm(#)

      Funny blog!

    2. Brawler says:

      March 6th, 2009at 12:22 pm(#)

      Can’t wait to see you fight!

    3. Joe says:

      March 6th, 2009at 12:23 pm(#)

      MMA vs. Zombies – that sounds like a movie I’d like to watch!

    4. Erika says:

      March 15th, 2009at 8:00 pm(#)

      Sooo … you’re not going to be on the next season of “Dancing With The Stars?” Not even if you could learn more crisp kicks???

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