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Cross your fingers! If all goes well August 8th will be Amir’s long awaited return to the Octagon. After facing a run of bad luck since his win against CB Dollaway that crowned him The Ultimate Fighter for season seven and earning him the “six figure contract”, Amir looks to put the injuries and bad luck behind him as he faces the undefeated Johnny Hendricks (5-0).

While many fighters would focus solely on healing up, Amir has pushed himself to become a better fighter. Moving to a more natural weight of 170 pounds, Amir has been training with Forrest Griffin and Wanderlei Silva in Las Vegas and has recently returned from an intensive Muay Thai “vacation” in Holland. The fighter that won millions of fans around the world with his down to earth approachability and quirky sense of humor will return to show the world why he is The Ultimate Fighter.

We would like to recognize TAPOUT, and SPRAWL for taking the chance and supporting the rising stars in the SuckerPunch stable. Through supporting tomorrow’s stars sponsors like them truly help evolve this sport.


  1. immortal says:

    July 26th, 2009at 6:50 am(#)

    great news
    i’ve seen your training video, you look awesome
    i’m sure its gonna be worth the wait

  2. Carrie says:

    July 27th, 2009at 12:51 am(#)

    Yayyyy!! I cant wait! I keep trying to convince my brother that even though Griffin vs. Silva is going to be amazing, your fight will be fight of the night no doubt! Good luck, and STAY HEALTHY! For all the good it’ll do my fingers are crossed

  3. BJ says:

    July 27th, 2009at 5:58 pm(#)

    Can’t wait to see Amir’s return. Best of luck.

  4. Paul Gouhar says:

    August 7th, 2009at 2:58 am(#)

    Amir you were light years ahead of the competition on season 7.

    My neighbour and I cheered for you on all the way through because you seemed such a decent guy.

    It was with a sense of dread that I watched you take on the cocky but talented CB and I briethed a huge sigh of relief when he tapped out. And then you had to face hin again! Lol.

    It’s great that you’re finally gonna be kicking butt and it’s been cool to see that Matt Brown is able to appear on various UFC cards too.

    You’ll be awesome at UFC 101 and soon be a BIG name in the world of MMA no doubt.

    Best of luck Amir.

  5. GSE_Yank says:

    August 8th, 2009at 9:23 am(#)

    Hey Amir. Good luck tonight and kick some ass! All of Richmond is behind you.

  6. Carrie says:

    August 9th, 2009at 5:57 am(#)

    That ref should be fined a very large amount of money. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it was a good call, but from where i was lookin you were not wobbly and you were trying to stand up….absolutely no reason for him to stop it. It’s horse shit and i really hope he gets incurable toenail fungus :/

  7. Rawr says:

    August 9th, 2009at 11:55 am(#)

    Dude, early stoppage on that fight man… keep your head up though. I’m looking forward to seeing you fight again, you’re an awesome fighter and a hilarious guy.

  8. buy fungisil says:

    January 7th, 2010at 12:45 am(#)

    Another great post man – should’ve used this back in 2006 when I first following blogs.

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