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  • My video interview about UFC “Undisputed” video game
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    1. Freddy C. says:

      July 17th, 2008at 4:30 am(#)

      Nice smile sir. Awesome that you’re in the game, i was gonna get pissed if you weren’t in it after seeing Ben Saunders in it. Having old school Royce Gracie w/ a gi in it would make it the best game ever though.

    2. ~♥Deb♥~ says:

      July 17th, 2008at 9:18 am(#)

      How many times do you think I clicked on the pic, trying to get the video to start?? lol.

      Cool interview. I love the thought that soon, I too, will be able to get into the octagon with you! Bwahhaahaha! 😉

    3. Heather in RVA says:

      July 17th, 2008at 10:13 am(#)

      Why was that age-restricted? I didn’t hear you drop any F-bombs. LOL. Seriously though – congrats! So true: “being in a video game is like the 2008/2009 version of having an action figure.”

    4. Kris says:

      July 17th, 2008at 10:27 am(#)

      You know your big-time when you’re in a video game! LoL

      I don’t like video games but I’m gonna play this one…

    5. Angela says:

      July 17th, 2008at 7:59 pm(#)

      Congratulations, Amir that is so kick ass! I can’t wait for you to beat on me. I’m looking forward to it!

    6. gby says:

      July 17th, 2008at 10:55 pm(#)


    7. Trish the Dish says:

      July 19th, 2008at 3:13 pm(#)

      Is it just me or does this kid seriously have the most adorable laugh EVER!?!?!

    8. Megan says:

      July 20th, 2008at 1:30 am(#)

      Completely adorable!!! Trish you said it. 😉

    9. laura says:

      July 20th, 2008at 4:40 pm(#)

      Amir Sadollah is ridiculously adorable!
      Such a mans man 😉

    10. Antwain Britt says:

      July 20th, 2008at 7:48 pm(#)

      Man, ur finishing move should be flying ankle lock followed by a blue steel posedown

    11. Aaron Allshouse says:

      July 21st, 2008at 3:11 am(#)

      Nice, hopefully you’re character will loaded up with some good head kicks… headkicks are badass…. Your headkicks are sweet… but not in tasty way, no one wants a mouthful of that kind of sweet, oh lordy no. That, and it would be even sweeter (not tasty) if your character would have some good ol’ fashioned karate kicks to the head, also sweet, still not tasty.

    12. Jeff Curran says:

      July 23rd, 2008at 10:05 pm(#)

      Hey Amir, i am really grateful for having you come out and support my Grand Opening bro. It is much appreciated. You can bet that i will be there to return the favor. Thanks again and see you soon.

    13. Kevin says:

      July 24th, 2008at 11:42 pm(#)

      Wow! I’m not gonna say how cute you are becasue about 30 chicks just did, BUT I’m excited about the game. Rule #1, u have to fight yourself the first time u play.

    14. Kevin says:

      July 24th, 2008at 11:49 pm(#)

      Wow, im not gonna say how cute you are because about 30 chicks just did, BUT im excited about the game. Rule #1- you have to fight yourself the first time you play. holla!

    15. John Earley says:

      July 26th, 2008at 12:39 am(#)

      Wow, Amir is one happy go lucky kind of guy it seems, always happy. Def gonna be his character. gonna love to knock fools out with knee or a headkick. Or just Armbar them :).

    16. Amir says:

      August 12th, 2008at 2:32 am(#)

      Hopefully my character will have the ability to throw fireballs, you know… like in real life…

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