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15 quick questions for Amir following his big win over Brad Blackburn in UFN 20.

1. Did you have the same game plan going into this fight as you did Baroni?

Every fight and fighter is different ,but in general the game plan was similar. Both guys had dangerous hands, and I wanted to keep pressure on while trying to nullify any big shots.

2. What was different about Baroni and Blackburn?

Baroni wanted to kill me, and Blackburn is a gentleman, however still wanted to kill me.

3. There were a couple times that it looked like you could have put Blackburn away but you decided to take him down instead what was your thought process there?

Watching the fight now I see that he was more hurt than I thought at the time, but I am always trying to evolve my game and having an opportunity to take someone down and work some ground and pound was also important to me.

4. Did Blackburn ever have you hurt?

No, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt. Except for the punches. yes those hurt.

5. Was it more nerve racking fighting in front of a hometown crowd or did it pump you up more?

No, if anything I really enjoyed the experience. Walking out to the fight I really felt a palpable energy of support, and it was definitely great to be fighting there.

6. When you were on TUF7 everyone categorized you as a kick boxer, then you submitted nearly all of your opponents and they started saying you’re a submission fighter. Now that you have shown your striking skills against Baroni and Blackburn people are saying you are a Muay Thai guy now? How would you describe yourself?

Kind of a loose cannon. The police chief is always yelling at me for dangerous suspect pursuit car chases, having shootouts in public places, and the yellow pages missing after perp interrogations. But I play by my own rules, nobody else’s. Wait, is that Lethal Weapon?

7. Many people believe your fight against Hendricks was stopped early. What were your thoughts on that and how did that loss effect you?

Obviously it was a decision i didn’t agree with, but to put much more thought into it after that is counter productive in my eyes. I felt like I made a mistake, and whether the consequence was warranted or not is immaterial at this point. i just see it as a lesson learned, and want to use that to make myself as good as I can be.

8. There were a lot of critics and doubters talking about you after the Hendricks fight, now that you have bounced back convincingly against 2 very tough opponents, do you have anything to say to them?

What doubters? Did they say anything mean? I hate it when they say anything mean. Probably they were kidding.

9. Who would you like to fight next, or in the near future?

Anyone who is talented and a challenge for me. The great part about that is, in the UFC at 170, that will not be an issue.

10. A lot of fans that attended the live show are wondering what the name of the song you walked to was?

It was Odissea Mediterranea by Laera. I dig that song.

11. What TV shows are you watching these days?

Probably my favorites right now are “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “30 Rock”, and I hate to admit this, but “Jersey Shore” has turned into one of my new favorite Quotable’s. That’s da situation.

12. What are the last 5 songs played on your iPod?

Some Euro techno mixes I like to do cardio to, probably some Tiger Army stuff, Raffi, and Beethoven. But not the Beethoven you’re thinking of, the death metal Beethoven.

13. Anything coming up for you on your time off?

I’m going to try to get back over to Holland to train, but other than that, probably just pursuing a career in a rock band.

14. How long before we you want to get back in the Octagon?

Well thats up tp the UFC but I hope be back this spring.

15. Anyone you would like to recognize before we wrap up?

Nope, absolutely no one comes to mind. At all. Wait, yeah actually…. no, no, no one at all.

ok heres the real answer to 15

I have such a great team of people behind me, my traininers for giving their all when they help me, Marco Van Den Broek, Mark Beecher, Cameron Diffley, Norm Turner, SuckerPunch, my entire family for their unconditional support, TapouT and Sprawl for sticking by me through thick and thin, Spike TV and Spike.com for letting the country see how great I am in front of a camera, FighterWarehouse, Hayabusa and finally TapouT Sports Nutrition for helping me get in the best shape I can be for a fight.

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  1. max says:

    January 25th, 2010at 3:14 am(#)

    i think u will fight mat brown soon !

  2. razzle469 says:

    January 26th, 2010at 12:38 am(#)

    Why do you go to Holland to train so much? Aren’t there enough good Muay Thai coaches state side?

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